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MomMed Offer Ovulation Test Strips

By Maggie Overfelt | 06 August 2021 | 0 Comments

Ovulation Test Strips, Hcg Test Strips, Pregnancy Test Strips

Wanting to become a mom can be stressful, made even more stressful by the narrow window know as your fertile window in which to catch ovulation. MomMed can help make this time less stressful by providing Ovulation test strips that are available online.

How Ovulation Strip Work?

It works by measuring the quality of LH or luteinizing hormone in your body through urine. LH is the hormone produced by your pituitary gland when your egg is ready to be released for fertilization. This is known as ovulation. Although LH is present in your body throughout your menstrual cycle it will only surge when your body is prepared to ovulate which happens 12-36 hours after a positive Ovulation test.

How do I use HCGcg test strips?

Irrespective of the emblem or layout, all of the PCO in an identical way! One end of the check stick is a handful, while the opposite is a "bit" of a wide variety, absorbing the urine. The stick carries chemical substances that react while positive hormones are present. The PCO exceptional consequences have obtained a pattern of concentrated urine, typically the primary urine after waking up. A manipulate line seems first, with a 2nd darkish line in mins—the darker the second line, over the LH inside the urine, and the closer to ovulation.

The monitor uses dedicated OPK sticks are introduced into the bottom of the machine after the test. The boxes come with 30, which can last for many cycles contingent on the number of sticks on the monitor in any given cycle to identify ovulation.

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