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Postpartum And How It's Challenging For A Woman

By MomMed | 30 May 2022 | 0 Comments



I feel like no one prepares you for postpartum at all. So much is talked about pregnancy and taking care of the baby. But nothing really about postpartum and how it's challenging for a woman. I wish more focus was put on that too.

I had a similar issue but it got really bad within days & I ended up needing surgery for an abscess that needed to be drained. I wish no one ever has to go through it.


Djenaba Gba:

I'm a little sick right now.  I have mastitis which exhausts me a lot. I had surgery 4 years ago on the same breast.  I had a breast abscess without being pregnant without ever having breastfed.


Gosh, mastitis is terrible and Idk about you but nobody told me it was a possibility! I got it when the babe was 5 weeks and I ended up fainting while carrying a baby. So scary!


Mastitis is terrible! Did you get antibiotics? Dunking my breast into warm water & Epsom salt really worked for me. And then I pumped right away after.

Mamas are so strong! 100% it was only when I personally went through postpartum, I found out how much more there is to motherhood! My husband tries very hard but there are just things he couldn’t help with and would never understand. 

So I do want to share something personal. I have a baby girl, almost 1 on the 21st. She’s the biggest blessing, my rainbow baby. I LOVE kids and if anything happens to my husband and I, I want to make sure she has a sibling to confide in. I want her to always have somebody to turn to or at least go through big decisions together.
My husband and I always said we’d have 2 kids at least. At one point he wanted 4. Then after Athena was born, she was the best baby ever. Slept through the night at 3 months, eats well, etc. But he’s scared the next baby would be terrible in behavior

Erica Boterf:

Postpartum is the part of pregnancy everyone forgets about. Drs do a once over 10-minute appointment and send you on your way. I have to have c sections because my uterus is tilted and my cervix doesn't dilate. Drs, nurses, and family all check on you when pregnant but no one checks afterward. People need to realize that yes there is a new baby but if mom isn't ok baby isn't either just like during pregnancy.

Stormy Merrill

So I have three kids and I’m honestly glad we had the second one when we did because my boys are best friends. My second one I wouldn’t necessarily say the worst, he really is just Klingy and he’ll let you know too when he wants me. He and my oldest will fight here and there but honestly, it’s just them being siblings.
And so far my third baby she’s only a month old currently but she’s been such a good baby she is already sleepy about 6 hours through the night and pretty much has since the day she was born and really only time she cries is when she wants her daddy.

I agree that a lot of people forget about the mom when postpartum, but if you feel you aren’t being heard/seen by your doctor when postpartum then you need to speak up or switch doctors. The way I look at having doctors and finding which one is best for you is thinking of it like dating and basically looking to see “who you want to marry”.
I love my doctor he has always checked on me and his PA is just as amazing. At my two-week postpartum checkup and she spent a good hour roughly talking and making sure I was okay not just physically but mentally too.


Awww that's so hard I'm so sorry! It could be that he is just not mentally ready for another one. I know for my husband he was not! Still isn't on some level. On top of working from home and being around the baby so much he could be overstimulated by it.
A lot of changes are about to happen to baby girl mentally so I would recommend putting off talking about it for a while and then bringing it up. I know that a lot of men go through this because at first they think it will be easy. But parenting is not easy and the realization hit hards.

The next one will probably be a lot different but the trouble you go through so works out and eventually it becomes the new normal.


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