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Struggling with PCOS and trying to lose weight?

By MomMed | 09 August 2022 | 0 Comments

Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome is an inflammatory condition in which multiple fluid-filled cysts develop on one or both ovaries. It results in a complex endocrinal disturbance that causes various symptoms including insulin resistance, excessive unwanted body hair, and weight gain.

Insulin is one of the main metabolic regulatory hormones of our body. In PCOS, the body is not able to utilize and process this hormone resulting in a condition called “insulin resistance” Therefore weight begin to increase due to disturbance in metabolic regulation and it becomes very difficult for women with PCOS to shed it.


How to Lose Weight with PCOS?

Weight loss techniques with PCOS may vary from patient to patient. One thing that works for you might not elicit the same results in someone else. However, some tips that are collectively beneficial for weight loss with PCOS are as follows:

Dietary Modifications:
Diet plays a very keen role in your PCOS condition. Just like a bad diet can aggravate your situation, a PCOS-friendly diet can help you lose weight, and fight acne, irregular menstruation, and infertility symptoms of PCOS.

Unhealthy lifestyles especially eating habits are not only one of the possible causes of PCOS, but they also lead to a vicious cycle causing further aggravation.

Include Whole Foods in your Diet
These include whole grains like raw and unprocessed wheat, barley, eggs, fish, walnuts, and green vegetables. The problem with processed and packaged food is that they mess up badly with your metabolism and hormones which proves very harmful for PCOS patients.

Cut down unnecessary carbs
Packaged juices, soft drinks, and sugar are full of carbs that your body doesn't need. Cut down these unnecessary carbs and replace them with healthy options.

Even if you are having packaged food, always look for the ingredients and calory content. Anything high in carbs can cause a spike in your blood sugar levels. This is followed by further insulin resistance and weight gain.

Include Fiber in Your Diet
Diet high in fiber is a PCOS-friendly diet. Not only does it helps reduce appetite by giving a feeling of fullness, but also improves the overall gut health. It also satisfies all your PCOS cravings without weight gain.

Try to inculcate natural fiber like fruits and vegetable salads in your diet daily.

Green Tea
Having a cup of lukewarm green or any other herbal tea with lemon or apple cider vinegar is helpful for weight loss with PCOS. Lemon helps soften and cut down the fat, especially the lower belly fat which is one of the culprits of PCOS.

Don't Fall for Fat-free or Calorie-free diets
Although a low calory and fat diet should be your priority, when it comes to PCOS but a specific amount of fat is essential for nutrients to be absorbed by the body. Therefore, avoid going for such unhealthy options in an urge to lose weight.

Regular Exercise
Our lives are becoming sedentary day by day. This certainly is one of the primary reasons for prevailing metabolic conditions like PCOS. Along with the right diet, regular exercise is the key to losing weight with PCOS.

In other words, if you want your ovaries to work properly, you need to move!
Since PCOS causes the weight to become stuck, Cardio exercises are very effective for weight loss with PCOS. Even if you are not losing weight initially,  exercise definitely helps the body loosen up that stubborn fat and regulate the metabolism. Experimental studies have shown that strength training in women with PCOS for 10 Weeks resulted in improved insulin resistance and cardio-metabolic profile.



Sleep is as important for the management of PCOS, as diet and exercise are. Women with PCOS are significantly much more prone to sleep disturbances. However; a recent study shows the correlation between insufficient and disturbed sleep with insulin resistance exacerbation.

Moreover increased periods of weekly sleep hours resulted in increased BMI reduction. Hence if you are suffering from PCOS and not getting at least 6 hours of peaceful sleep, you need to pay attention to improving your sleep quality and duration.

Yoga and Meditation
A recent study has shown that women who completed 3-month mindful yoga intervention, had significantly reduced androgen, blood sugar, and insulin as well as depression and anxiety levels. Hence mindful yoga and meditation can help reduce fight the PCOS symptoms and reduce weight.
A brisk morning/ evening walk with yoga will not only reduce your stress levels but also help reduce weight with PCOS.


Sum Up

Although weight loss goals with PCOS are comparatively much more difficult to achieve, once you shed even some pounds, there is a significant improvement in overall PCOS condition. Hence it is important to put a significant effort into weight loss to improve the quality of life and fight the PCOS symptoms. Weight loss with PCOS is also essential to prevent further exacerbation of the disease and complications like Type 2 Diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases.


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