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What Is An Instant-View Pregnancy Test?

By MomMed | 31 August 2022 | 0 Comments

While for some couples, pregnancy happens by accident, for others, it takes numerous tries to finally get the good news. However, the anxiety that kicks in when you realize that you might be pregnant is too overwhelming. It makes it almost impossible to wait to know the truth. An instant-view pregnancy test comes to the rescue during such times. With highly accurate results, it helps couples in the early detection of pregnancy. In this article, we will walk you through the details of instant-view pregnancy tests.

Instant-View Pregnancy Test

Instant-view pregnancy tests are immunoassays that are used for the qualitative estimation of HCG(Human Chorionic Gonadotropin). It is made up of antibodies specific to HCG. When exposed to a urine sample, the test strip selectively binds to the HCG molecules and displays the pregnancy test result based on the HCG levels.

Different Parts of An Instant-View Pregnancy Test

A pregnancy test kit will have multiple test strips in that. If you take one strip you can find a sample pad, that needs to be dipped in urine. Next to that is a conjugate pad that has antibodies specific to HCG, conjugated with gold. A nitrocellulose membrane will have a control line and a test line. The control line appears every time you take the test, irrespective of your status of pregnancy. However, only if the test line appears in addition to the control line, a pregnancy test result is considered positive.

What Should Be The HCG Level to Get Accurate Pregnancy Test Results?

The at-home pregnancy tests can detect a minimum of 20UI/ml of HCG. HCG secretion begins post-implantation. Its level is initially not sufficient to be detected by the test. However, the amount of HCG doubles every 48 hours in the first four weeks of pregnancy. By the time of your next period, your urine is supposed to have sufficient accumulation of HCG to give accurate pregnancy test results.

However, in some cases, the rise in the hormone might not be as fast as it should, hence there can be inaccuracies in the test results. Lower than normal HCG levels can be due to ectopic pregnancies or some other underlying health conditions. If you feel that you might be pregnant but the tests are showing a negative result, then you must visit your doctor to find the cause.


How To Take The Test?

Taking the pregnancy test is extremely simple. Take one strip out of the pregnancy test kit. Collect your urine in a clean container. Dip the exposed sample pad in the collected urine for a few seconds and allow that to be absorbed. Leave the test strip undisturbed on the cabinet. After about five minutes, check the results. However, read the instant view pregnancy test instructions manual to get appropriate results.


How To Check The Results?

Wait for the amount of time mentioned in the instant view pregnancy test instructions manual. If you see a single line then it implies that you are not pregnant. What you are seeing is the control line as discussed above. However, the appearance of another line next to it will mean that you are pregnant. Even if the second line is faint, you can assume that you are pregnant. However, you need to consult your health care provider and have the recommended blood tests performed to get a confirmation.

How To Avoid Errors?

Even though the accuracy of the instant view pregnancy tests is pretty high, sometimes there can be inaccuracies too. That might be due to several reasons. The most common one is the dilution of HCG in urine. Very often, when excessive fluid intake dilutes the amount of HCG present in urine, you might get a negative result despite being pregnant. Therefore, it is recommended that you take the test with the first urine in the morning.
Sometimes a false negative result can also appear because of taking the test too early. In that case, sufficient HCG is not present in the urine to be detected by the test.

Things To Keep In Mind

Always make sure that you use the instant view pregnancy test within the expiry date. You will find that printed on the pregnancy test kit. You can comfortably store them at room temperature. Make sure to avoid exposure of the test strips to extreme moisture and temperature. Doing so might interfere with the functioning of the test and thus reduce the accuracy of the results.
Whether you are pregnant or not, you must always see the control line. It indicates that the test is working properly. If you do not see even a single line appearing in the result window, then take another test. If the same thing happens then conclude that it is a faulty batch of tests and immediately contact the manufacturer.
When you are done with the test, don’t be careless with it. Your urine can is a potential infectious agent. Therefore carefully throw it in the dustbin and make sure to wash your hands properly after use.
Another thing you should remember while taking the test is that you should never read the results after the time mentioned in the manual. It is because when the urine starts to dry, then an evaporation line is seen in the place where the test line is supposed to appear. Even though the evaporation line is transparent, it is often held responsible for creating confusion.



Hope, this article gave you a clear insight into the instant-view pregnancy test. It is simple and accurate, however, needs your patience to give proper results. Do not let your anxiety rule over you and ultimately disappoint you. Take the test on the day of your missed period to get the most accurate result. If it is negative, do not panic. Take a few tests in the subsequent days and you might just see what you have been wishing to see. However, if it is still negative, then do not lose hope. Keep trying and someday you will be surprised by the good news.

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