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What Does a MomMed Pregnancy Test Faint Line Indicate?

By MomMed | 13 September 2022 | 0 Comments

Home pregnancy tests have gained immense popularity in recent years because of the convenience they provide and the high accuracy of their results. Those pregnancy test strips allow women to find out if they are pregnant or not just in a few minutes. However, the anxiety surrounding the analysis of a pregnancy test result is unmatchable.

While a positive test result can take couples to cloud nine, a negative one can break their heart in the worst possible way. Besides, if the result is difficult to decipher, it can painfully add to their worries. One such case is a faint line on the test strip. What does that exactly mean? Let’s see what a MomMed pregnancy test faint line can indicate.


MomMed Pregnancy Test

These are home pregnancy tests designed with antibodies specific to HCG. They selectively bind to HCG molecules in the urine sample. A MomMed pregnancy test kit has multiple pregnancy test strips. In addition to that, it also has several urine cups for the purpose of collecting the urine to dip the test strip in, while taking the test.

How To Take The Test?

Taking the test is extremely simple. All you have to do is, take a test strip and dip the sample pad in the urine collected in the cup. After a few seconds, take the strip out and leave it undisturbed to dry. After the recommended time, mentioned in the manual, you can check the pregnancy test result.

When To Take The Test?

Fertilization is supposed to happen on the day of ovulation. After that, it takes about 6-12 days for the embryo to travel down to the uterus and implant itself in the uterine wall. This process is called implantation. After implantation HCG hormone is released. Initially, only a trace amount is released. However, in the first few weeks, the level of hormone surges. It becomes double every 48 hours for the first month. The home pregnancy tests are sensitive to around 20-25UI/ml of HCG in the urine. Therefore, it is recommended to take the test on the day of your missed period or after that. That leaves sufficient time for the HCG to accumulate in your urine.

How To Interpret The Result?

MomMed pregnancy test is no different from other home pregnancy tests. The results can be checked in a similar manner, by noticing the number of lines appearing on the result window. A single line suggests that you are not pregnant. A double line is indicative of the fact that you are pregnant. However, sometimes, you will see a second line, but that won’t be dark enough to allow you enough confidence to conclude that you are pregnant. Such faint lines can result from a number of causes. We will now discuss what a MomMed pregnancy test faint line can convey.


What Does a Faint Line Mean?

If you see a faint line, it is primarily because the level of HCG is low. It is not too low to go completely undetected or too high to form a dark line. This can be because of several reasons. One most common reason is taking the test too early. When this happens, the build-up of HCG in the urine is not enough, hence the second line appears faint. You can take the test again after a day or two to check if it has turned positive.
Sometimes, your ovulation might be delayed. As a result, the implantation and the release of HCG also gets delayed. Therefore, even if you are taking the test at the right time, there might not be enough HCG yet.
In some other cases, the faint line can be a result of a chemical pregnancy. Chemical pregnancies are simply miscarriages that happen within the initial 12 weeks. In such cases, the faint line appears because of the residual hormone in the body.
Another reason is HCG dilution. Sometimes, the consumption of fluid can dilute the HCG in urine but not to an extent that you get a sharp negative result. Therefore, it is recommended that you use the first-morning urine while taking the test.
Ectopic pregnancies can also result in lower than normal HCG levels. In that condition, implantation occurs in the fallopian tube instead of the uterus. It is fatal for the mother as well as the child and is terminated as soon as it is brought to the notice of the healthcare provider.
Therefore, if a faint line appears and it doesn’t intensify in the next few days, then do visit your doctor and have the confirmatory tests performed to find out the cause.

 A Few Things To Take Special Care Of

Though the home pregnancy tests are extremely simple and convenient, they have to be handled properly to give accurate results. Always check the expiry date printed on the pregnancy test kit. Make sure that you use the tests only within the mentioned dates. Using beyond it might result in improper functioning of the test and thus inappropriate results.
While dipping the sample pad, do not immerse it completely. See that the urine touches the max line marked on the pad. Check the results after the instructed time as per the manual. Delays in viewing the result might cause the urine to evaporate and a transparent line called the evaporation line will appear in the place of the test line, creating confusion.
After the test, do not mishandle the used strip. Your urine is a potential source of infection. Therefore, safely dispose of the test and wash your hands.


As discussed, a MomMed pregnancy test faint line can be indicative of a plethora of cases. Although there are possibilities of some abnormalities like ectopic pregnancy, they are not always the case. You should however make an appointment with your doctor to find out the real cause. Whatever it is, keep calm and be brave. Do not jump to any conclusion without an expert’s advice.

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