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Are Fever Patches for Babies Safe?

By MomMed | 15 September 2022 | 0 Comments

It can be a bit scary to have a baby that’s experiencing an illness. Not only are you trying to decide when and if you should seek medical attention, but you are also trying to keep a miserable baby comfortable!
There are times when medication or medical care is the best choice for your baby, and other times when keeping them comfortable at home through the use of a fever patch and other comfort measures will be appropriate.

When to seek medical care for fever in babies.

Babies of different ages require different types of attention when it comes to fevers. In all babies, a fever is considered a temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit when taken rectally or in the ear. For a temperature taken under the armpit, 99 degrees Fahrenheit or above is considered a fever.
For all babies aged 0-24 months, call your care provider immediately if there is a fever above 104 degrees Fahrenheit, your baby with a fever will not stop crying, if they are showing signs of dehydration, or if they are looking or acting very ill.

Babies 0-3 Months:

Call your doctor immediately for any fever in babies younger than 3 months. These babies will often need to be seen right away, as their bodies are unable to sustain fevers of any kind for long without negative effects.

Babies 3-6 Months:

If your baby has a fever below 102 and seems ill, you should call your care provider right away. If the fever is higher than 102, you should also call immediately, even if there are no other symptoms present.

Babies 6-24 Months

If your older baby has a fever above 102 that lasts for longer than one day, even with no other symptoms present, call your care provider. If their fever is combined with any other symptoms of illness, call your care provider based on the severity of the symptoms.

How to care for a baby at home while they recover from a fever.

If your baby is experiencing a low fever and you have been advised to simply keep them comfortable at home, there are several ways in which you can safely care for them. Keep them in lightweight clothing, give lukewarm baths, and remember to keep them hydrated by offering plenty of breast milk, formula, or other appropriate fluids.
Using baby-safe fever patches can be another option in order to keep them cool and comfortable as they recover. While some fever patches are not safe for babies due to weak adhesive or medicated gels, the MomMed Fever patches are drug-free and can be securely attached to the baby’s skin without the worry of falling off.


Using fever patches to keep your baby comfortable.

Fever patches are cooling gel pads that can be cut to size and applied to the forehead or other body parts in order to cool and soothe. The skin-friendly adhesive used on MomMed fever patches can be applied to babies without worry.
These fever patches can be used in conjunction with other treatments to soothe a baby’s discomfort, as they are drug-free and will not interact negatively with other medications.
Here are a few different ways you can use MomMed’s baby-friendly fever patches at home:
1. Bringing down a fever.
Using a fever patch is generally considered a safe way to gently bring down fevers that are getting too high. You can do this by placing the patch on the baby’s forehead, on the back of the neck, or even on the femoral artery.
2. Relieving pain from headaches.
Fever patches are gently cooling and soothing, even when a fever is not present. If your baby or toddler is experiencing a headache, you can apply a fever patch to the temples or nape of the neck to help relieve pain.
3. Soothing teething discomfort.
Sometimes teething can bring with it a mild fever and general discomfort. Along with teething gel or cold teething toys, a fever patch can be used to cool and soothe discomfort during the worst of teething.
4. Relive symptoms of overheating.
It is easy for babies to overheat in hot weather, and keeping their bodies cool can help prevent situations of heat rash and heat stroke. Placing fever patches over main arteries can help cool a baby’s body temperature when you’re in an extra toasty situation.
5. Soothing muscles and other boo-boos.
While most babies aren’t out there running marathons, older babies and toddlers like to get into all sorts of precarious positions. If your baby is showing signs of pain from a strained muscle or mild “boo-boos,” a fever patch can calm and soothe the area.

Final Thoughts:

Knowing when to call the doctor is an important part of caring for a baby. Mild illnesses are common throughout childhood, and will often resolve at home without the need for medical attention. However, don’t hesitate to call your doctor whenever you are concerned about your baby’s temperature, symptoms, or behavior. There is no such thing as asking too many questions when it comes to your baby’s health!
Keeping MomMed baby-safe fever patches on hand is an excellent way to prepare for comforting and soothing your baby through a variety of issues, from fevers to teething pain to overheating. Don’t forget to stock up!

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