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When Does One Get a MomMed Pregnancy Test False Negative?

By MomMed | 22 September 2022 | 0 Comments

Rapid pregnancy tests have come to the rescue of couples trying to conceive. It saves them from the anxiety that would otherwise consume them for an entire night before waking up to get a blood test done. The at-home pregnancy tests allow women to know if they are pregnant or not just in a few minutes.
Several companies manufacture these rapid pregnancy test kits. Even though the basic working principle and style remain the same, there can be slight variations that can be followed from the instruction manual. Getting a positive result is ecstatic. However, a negative result can push you into a slump. But sometimes despite a negative result, the feelings that you are pregnant are too strong. It might be a false negative. Today we will discuss the MomMed Pregnancy test false negative.

What’s Special About MomMed Pregnancy Test Kit?

The MomMed pregnancy test kit has multiple test strips in it. However, unlike most other brands, they provide disposable urine cups in the kit too. You can collect your urine in the provided urine cups, dip your test strip, take the test and throw it away safely. This saves you from the additional trouble of having to find a clean container and wash it thoroughly before and after using it every time you take the test. 

How To Take The Test?

There is no difference in approach to taking the test when it comes to the MomMed pregnancy tests. Take out one strip from the MoMmed pregnancy kit. Dip the sample pad in the urine cup with collected urine. Make sure that you do not dip it beyond the max marks denoted on the test strip. After a few seconds, leave the test strip undisturbed on a non-absorbent surface for about 5 minutes. After that, the result window must be displaying the pregnancy test result.

How To Check The Pregnancy Test Result

After waiting for five minutes, you need to see what appears in the result window. Every time you take the test, a control line will appear. That is indicative of the fact that the test is functioning properly and that an appropriate amount of sample was loaded. If you see just one line, then you are not pregnant. However, if there are two lines in the result window, conclude that you are pregnant. As per MomMed pregnancy test reviews, the accuracy is 99%. Most of the time, the results are correct. However, sometimes inaccuracies might result. Let’s see under what conditions one can get a MomMed pregnancy test false negative.

Reasons For a False Negative

There can be multiple reasons for a false negative. Here are a few of them:-

Lower Than Normal HCG Levels

As per MoMed pregnancy test reviews, the test can detect HCG when present at the level of 25UI/ml. If the amount of HCG in your urine does not match this level, then the test cannot detect the hormone and hence will give out a negative result. Lower than normal HCG can result from taking the test too early or due to an abnormal condition like ectopic pregnancy where the embryo implants outside of the uterus, in the fallopian tube.

Taking The Test Too Early

HCG production begins after implantation. Initially, the level is too low. But it keeps increasing gradually, at a higher rate in the initial weeks of pregnancy. Therefore, it is recommended to take the test after you miss your period or on the day of your missed period. If you are taking it before that, then there might not be enough HCG in your urine yet to be detected by the test.

HCG Dilution

The first-morning urine is often considered the best for the test. It is because as the day progresses and you consume more fluid, the HCG in your urine gets diluted. This can also result in a false negative as per MomMed pregnancy test reviews. However, after two to three weeks, the HCG levels are too high to go undetected by the tests.

Delayed Ovulation

Sometimes your ovulation might not happen on the estimated day. Since technically fertilization happens on the day of ovulation and it takes 6-12 days for implantation to occur, delayed ovulation can delay the subsequent events. That means, when you are taking the test, there is a high chance that the HCG levels are not sufficient to be detected and thus you might get a false negative.

Things To Keep In Mind

There are some things you should always remember while taking the test. Make sure that the control line always appears. If you do not see even a single line in the result window, you can conclude that it is a faulty test and must try again with another strip.
Wait till the day of your missed period to take the test so that you get appropriate results. Use the first-morning urine to rule out the possibility of a false negative due to HCG dilution. Do not check the results after too long, or even beyond the time mentioned in the manual. As the urine starts drying, it will leave a transparent evaporation line in the place of the test line, creating confusion.
Moreover, check the expiry date of the MomMed pregnancy kit before use. Do not use it past the expiry date. This can interfere with the functioning of the test.
After using it, safely discard the test and wash your hands thoroughly to avoid infections.


If you get a MomMed pregnancy test false negative, we hope you won’t be completely clueless anymore. You will have a bunch of possibilities in your mind. However, we would suggest that you do not conclude anything without consulting your healthcare provider. Let them carry out confirmatory tests to find out the real cause. Have patience and hope for the best. Even if it turns out that you are not pregnant this time, you should not completely go down in the dumps. Divert your mind from TTC(trying to conceive) for some time and try again later.

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