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5 Ways to Use Fever Patches for the Whole Family

By MomMed | 23 September 2022 | 0 Comments

When you feel sick as a parent, it can be difficult to care for your busy family. Common illnesses happen, especially with kids around! Finding ways to make yourself comfortable when you are experiencing a fever or other symptoms is an important piece of keeping your family running smoothly and getting the rest you need to recover.
While medication or other medical care might sometimes be necessary, it’s never a bad idea to have some home remedies in your back pocket for the days you just need to feel a little better! Fever patches are one safe option that can be used to keep the whole family comfortable during common illnesses and any other time you need a little cool-down time.

What is a fever and how does it work?

A fever in and of itself is not an illness. It is simply a sign or symptom of the body fighting to overcome an illness or infection. A fever does the job of stimulating the body’s natural defenses, such as sending extra white blood cells in order to fight and destroy the cause of illness or infection.
While fevers are a natural part of the body’s immune system response to intruders, they can become uncomfortable as they rise. Fevers that get too high for too long can also cause damage to the body and brain.
At times, it might be necessary to treat your fever with medication or home remedies in order to remain comfortable enough to care for your children. It is important to remember that when you treat the discomfort of a fever, you are only addressing the fever itself, not healing the underlying condition.

When to seek medical care for a fever in an adult.

If you are experiencing a fever of more than 102 degrees Fahrenheit and are feeling uncomfortable, it might be time to take measures to reduce it. If the fever doesn’t lessen in response to your efforts, is 103 degrees or above for a long period of time, or persists for more than three days, it’s time to call your healthcare provider.
Call your doctor right away if any fever (100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or above) is accompanied by concerning symptoms such as a stiff neck or severe headache, or if you are experiencing symptoms of dehydration.  
It can be frustrating to have to care for children or household duties while ill. If at all possible, have someone else take over some of your responsibilities so that you can rest and focus on staying hydrated and getting better.

Ways to care for yourself at home during a fever or common illness

If you find yourself ill with a fever that does not require medical care, there are several things you can do at home to lower your fever and keep yourself as comfortable as possible. Stay hydrated by sipping on water, juice, sports drinks, or electrolyte beverages throughout the day.
Keep cool by wearing light, loose clothing and taking lukewarm baths. Cold showers or baths will cause your body to heat up more in an effort to fight the cold, and lukewarm water will feel cool when you have a fever.
Use fever patches to help cool your body temperature and soothe the discomforts of a fever. MomMed fever patches are drug-free, safe to use along with over-the-counter fever reducers, and can even be cut down in size to use with children and babies!


5 ways fever patches can be used to keep the whole family comfortable:

1. Lower body temperature.
Whether you are dealing with the discomfort of a fever or need to avoid overheating, MomMed fever patches can be applied to different points on the body and provide convenient cooling for up to 8 hours.
2. Relive migraine pressure.
Apply fever patches to the forehead, temples, or base of the neck to help relive migraines or other headaches.
3. Soothe muscle pain.
Apply a cooling fever patch to sore muscles, without having to sit still in order to keep it in place! This can be a game changer for busy parents who need to cool and soothe their tired muscles.
4. Lessen toothaches.
MomMed fever patches can be cut down to different sizes, allowing you to even place them places such as along your jaw or at the back of your neck in order to help lessen the pain of a toothache.
5. Act as breast cooling pads.
For breastfeeding parents, fever patches can double as excellent breast cooling pads for tender and sore breasts.

Final Thoughts:

Taking care of yourself while ill as a parent can be tricky. Make sure to monitor your symptoms and reduce high fevers that are making you uncomfortable. Stay hydrated, try to get as much rest as possible, and call your care provider if your fever persists or you have other concerning symptoms along with it.
MomMed fever patches can be used together with other remedies or over-the-counter medications in order to lower your fever, as they are drug-free and long-lasting. Keeping some in stock is never a bad idea, since they can be used not only for you, but for the whole family, since they are also safe for babies and children!

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