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Energy drinks affect the pregnancy test- Here's all you need to know

By MomMed | 13 October 2022 | 0 Comments

Many women are curious about what they should eat or drink before taking a pregnancy test. You might wonder if there is a substance that can alter the outcome of the test. It's typical to want to confirm that everything was done correctly as you wait for the test outcome.
You must be aware of the notion that red bull or other energy drinks might interfere with pregnancy tests and result in false positive results. But is it the case? Can energy drinks cause a false positive pregnancy test? Let's dig deep.


What do energy drinks consist of?

A common ingredient in energy beverages is caffeine. Because caffeine is a stimulant, it can help you stay awake. Some energy drinks have a lot of caffeine in them, for instance, if you consume a 24-ounce energy drink, you take in five hundred milligrams of caffeine.
But before getting into details, if you are trying to conceive, you must know how a pregnancy test works.


How does a pregnancy test work?

HCG or Human chorionic gonadotrophin is produced from the 6th day after fertilization. This is the hormone that all pregnancy tests look for.
Most tests come in a packaged box. It comprises one or two long sticks, and you must pee on them. Following that, you must wait a few minutes before viewing the results. Always read the instructions because every test differs somewhat. If the directions are correctly followed, home pregnancy tests are reliable.
Congratulations if the test results are positive; they are quite accurate. A negative test result, however, is less trustworthy.
However, to obtain the most accurate result, you must consider two factors.
Observe the directions carefully

 2. Avoid taking the test too soon.

So, do energy drinks affect the test results?

The answer to the question "Can energy drinks cause a false positive pregnancy test?" is "no," and it does not. The primary factor is that caffeine does not affect your HCG level. However, consuming too much caffeine causes dehydration, and you need to drink more fluids when you're dehydrated.
A home pregnancy test may not detect the presence of HCG if you drink too much liquid since it will dilute your urine. So, it is recommended that you must use your first urine, that is you should collect the sample in the morning without taking fluids. After that, you are free to drink your caffeine and start your day, hopefully with good news.


Does caffeine have no impact if you are trying to conceive?

There isn't conclusive evidence that caffeine impacts a woman's capacity to get pregnant. However, some studies have suggested that it might take longer for women to conceive who consume a large amount of caffeine, such as energy drinks or coffee.
However, intake of less than 200 mg of caffeine per day does not appear to have an impact on female fertility. Think about reducing your daily caffeine intake. So, you don't have to give up on energy drinks entirely; you may still drink them in moderation.


Reasons behind false tests?

If you have a false positive test, that can be for different reasons:

You took too much time

Reviewing the results of a basic pregnancy test within the timeframe recommended is crucial. If you take too much time to read the results, then there is a chance that the urine might evaporate, giving the impression that you have two lines rather than one.

You have got an expired pregnancy test

The test being out-of-date is the second most frequent cause of false positives. When the test has reached its expiration date, there is a high chance that it becomes unable to detect HCG. In this way, you are more likely to have a false result.

You take fertility medicines

You risk receiving a false positive if you perform a pregnancy test very early after using a fertility medication containing HCG, such as certain injections frequently used during in vitro fertilization.
Thankfully, there are a few easy steps to guarantee the pregnancy test's accuracy and prevent any confusion or worry.

Tips for taking a pregnancy test

1. Don't be tempted to take the test too soon
When you are trying to conceive, and you think you are pregnant, then the excitement is understandable. But to ensure you get the most accurate result, you must wait a little more. It takes time for HCG to accumulate in the body. Therefore, even if an embryo was implanted on a Tuesday, your pregnancy test on Thursday might still be negative.
Consequently, it is advised to wait ten days before taking your test. Although we understand that this wait can be challenging, you can be confident that the outcome you receive is correct. If you have missed your period, wait three days before taking another pregnancy test.

2. Take your test in the morning
If you wish, you can take the test any time of the day, but you will get the most accurate result in the morning. This is because the morning urine consists of high HCG concentration. You'll obtain a more reliable pregnancy test result if you use it in the morning.

3. Always use a timer
Time is your friend in this situation, and you must see the result only after the recommended time. Different tests have different instructions, so if your test says not to read the results after ten minutes, then with the help of a timer, you will know.

4. Pee in a cup
Most tests advise you to hold the test under your urine stream; if you believe you could not aim, if you could not get enough urine on the strips, or for other reasons, don't stress out. There's an easy solution too: to use a cup. You can urinate into a cup, insert the stick's absorbent end, and then check the results.

Final words

In conclusion, even if energy drinks do not alter pregnancy outcomes, it is nevertheless recommended that you limit your intake of caffeinated beverages if you are trying to get pregnant. This rule applies to both partners. There is a solution, too, keep your caffeine intake to 200 mg, and there will not be any issue.

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